Fountain of Plates Waterfall


Calm flows naturally. 

Create a haven from the outside world with the MNMLST Fountain of Plates that fits in your office or favorite room. Sleek shades of silver and black look good in any setting, while a bed of natural river rocks brings you back in touch with the earth. As the water begins to flow, the natural sounds instantly put you at ease. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who needs added relaxation in their life.

Enable an all encompassing environment with sound. The sound of flowing water enhances your environment by releasing negative ions, and promoting relaxation. Only MNMLST offers you the luxury of these vital benefits with its creative design which adds beauty to any indoor environment.

Evocative water sound.

It’s easy to close your eyes and imagine you’re by a real river or stream.

Mesmerizing lighting.

Turn your lights down and enjoy the reflective glow of fresh running water.

Asian-inspired beauty.

Striking shapes and design capture the eye and encourage relaxation.


Escape to the East in tranquil relaxation with the MNMLST Fountain of Plates. Its modern design brings a serene warmth to any room.

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