90 Elegante Floor Lamp

$180 $250

The vibrant glow you needed in a minimalistic aproach

Following our true minimalistic tradition, we have adopted two facinating concepts to humans. Simplicity and light. Light up your surroundings and immerse yourself in ambiance.

More a piece of art than a lamp. Light up your space beautifully, create the perfect ambiance.

Perfect for living rooms & bedrooms.

1+ million colours
330+ multicolour effects
Stop/start pause function
Increase/decrease speed of running multicolour effects
Aesthetically Designed
Remote Controlled (multiple lamps can be controlled via one remote)
Lamp Height: 150cm / 59"
Base Diameter: 15cm / 5.9"
Power Cord: 250cm / 98"



20 W / 50hz
250cm / 98" cord length
UK/AUS/US/EUR plugs included
Dimmable Light
Remote Controlled

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